Water Parameters...


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Okay so i just tested my 2 week old tank.
Its 150 gallons with a 30 sump..
Calcium 440 (salifert)
Alk 9 (salifert)
MAG 1100 (salifert)
Phosphate .03 (salifert)
Nitrite .05 (API)
Nitrate .5 (API)

There are only three pieces of live rock in there, the rest of the rock is dead.. ohh and 5 green chromis.
Im dosing microbacter 7

Should i bump up anything or bring anything down.


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i like my mag around 1300-1400.

Dont think you need to dose vodka, your levels are pretty low as is.


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If you are seeing Nitrites, your tank is probably still cycling. Depending on where you got your rock and what condition it was in, it could take 6 weeks to cycle. Your chromis are probably having a rough time right now.

Dosing vodka is usually done to reduce nitrate and promote coral growth through better water conditions and additional bacterial plankton to feed on. If you only have fish and rock, there's no real point and vodka dosing can be dangerous if not done properly.

Since you are posting in the SPS forum, I'm assuming you are planning a SPS tank. The best thing to do is let the tank cycle and mature on it's own. I'd wait another 4 weeks before adding anything. Monitor your water conditions and wait for ammonia and nitrite to hit 0 for sure.

SPS like clean water and stable conditions. Ph and Alk swings can be deadly. Mag can be 1300-1500. Alk and Cal look good.

Weekly water changes will maintain Mag, Cal, and Alk until you start adding stony corals, but avoid water changes while the tank is cycling.


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well i know i have to wait for nitrites to go down to 0, thinking that should only a take a few days to maybe a week. But how bout nitrates @ 5 that is fine?
I thought they had to be 0?


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The live rock pieces are from my old tank so they are cured and full of coralline.
I placed a tiny montipora frag in there and it is doing great, however, i know i need to add more time..
The chromis were just to start the cycling and there eating up a storm..
Just concerned with the nitrates and the vodka dosing.. thanx