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I added my firsr fish 2 days ago, since then my nitrates went to 15 and now i have diatoms.

Ive been trying to fatten my fish up, he ate over 100 live mysis yesterdat so im adding a lot of import.

My only export is a filter sock and after my nitrate reading i mafe 10% wc.

Today i tested 0 nitrite 0 nitrate and 8.4 ph. BUT my water smells horrible! I dont get how it can smell so foul with these readings.

During my 3 month cycle befoew i added this fish i never had diatoms really, never on the glass now i do.

Is this part of my cycle still? I had all 0 readings before adding my fish but maybe the bacteria is catching up..
My LR had little die off during the cycle so maybe thts why i nevee had diatoms.i ghosr fed but only flake food this is the first live and frozen foid in the tank. I also have no cuc yet so tiny pieces hit and decompose.

Should i make more small wc's? Why does my water smell?
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I'm no expert on this stuff, but I believe the smell is due to decaying organic compounds. Are you running a protein skimmer? There are in-sump models if you have a sump, or HOB skimmer for single tank setups.

You could put some GAC in the overflow too, that will likely help. Rinse it first. Look for ROWA Carbon or check out the stickies here.



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No skimmer yet

Plan on adding chaeto nexr week. Will carbon help? Can i run both

I went from pristine tank to low tidw at coney island lol

I need more export somehow..


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Get a skimmer and do a water change. The diatoms are showing up now instead of three months ago because of the nutrient load in the tank. Don't worry about nitrates, what is your phosphate reading? This is a better indication of excess nutrients early on. Carbon will polish the water so to speak


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Yes you can run both carbon and cheato. Carbon should help get rid of the smell. I would sug. getting that PS as soon as possible though.


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Bump i now have a full blown diatom bloom

I use rodi

never had this until i added a fish

How can i fatten my cbb up without my tank looking bad

Ive been feeding mysis dipped in garlic do either have phos or silicates


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Do you have any other filtration beside the sock, rocks and sand? Diatom is not caused by die off from the rocks.


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No i do not. I plan to add chaeto and maybe a bag of phos remover.

Im staying awaybfrom carbon after reading it leaches and steals from coral