Water softeners and RO/DI


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I am considering a water softening system for my home. I didn't find any information about its effects on RO/DI systems. All water that goes to my tank, currently goes through RO/DI so just wondering if anyone has had any experience having both systems in place. Does having a water softener effect the RO/DI at all? Thanks.


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I have water softerners in my home and also have a RO/DI unit for my tank. Have not seen any issue over the one year I used it. TDS is 0-1 reading here too.


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A water softener before your RO/DI is one of the best things you could possible do for it. It pretreats the water before it enters the RO. The salts that a softener exchanges to are very easy for an RO to remove. Wise move. I recently installed one myself for the first time in 28 years in my home. I should have done it years ago.


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I agree. I have well water that is over 1000 ppm. The water softener filters the water first, and saves your RO filters and membrane - without the softner, I'd be changing filters monthly, and would be lucky to get a membrane to last 6 months.


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I have very hard well water here. That is why we have decided to go with a water softener. Some say that the water is more slimy once you switch over but it has to be better then dry skin. Sounds like it will actually help the RO/DI so I think I will take the plunge. Thanks.


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Not to mention you can use less soap for your laundry and dishwasher with a water softener. Only negative thing is you can use the water to water your house plants since salt will build up over time unless you are using the water after the RO. You can switch to potassium chloride instead of salts but it will cost more to replace. Your water softener will handle both salt and pottasium chloride. Check your manual.