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Can someone explain to me how a wavebox works, and what I would need to do to build my own?

It looks from the outside it's just a pump on a timer. I must be missing something because the one I would buy is $560. I just don't get it. I'm going to be bummed if I pay that much and it is something I could have easily made (like what happened when I got my HOB refugium)

Links are great. I just can't find the plans.

Thanks a lot. I do appreciate it.


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I have a lot of spare parts, humor me. :D

I'd just love to see a design for one. I think I figured it out just by looking at a few online pics, but want to be sure.


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Basically if you ever ( even as a kid) was in a bath tub and would move back and forth the bath water would rock too. In a wavebox the pump pushes the water out and the water will rock back into the box, eventually creating a rocking motion that simulates the wave action in the ocean, actually isn't too expensive/hard to make the only tricky thing is getting a timer system that can turn on/off every 1/4-1/2 seconds. I think in general it is an amazing step towards us creating a natural setting in our tanks.


That is a great video of a DIY, made by a member of RC, you can find his build thread in the DIY forum.


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the main expense is in the DC pump that the wave boxes use.that way your always sure which direction the pump turns when it comes on. Other wise it's just a pump in a box. Any thing that displaces water in a rhythmic way will accomplish this feat (air, more water, solid object)