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Any hardcore SPSers also using waveboxes? Just curious.

I always wanted to try one, so I did. I had 6200s and the controllable koralias before. It has been 4-5 months now and I cannot believe that I waited this long. Growth has really increased, PE is amazing and the encrusting has probably doubled.

I was never upset with growth or anything before, so this was a nice surprise for me. The fish sure like it more than lots of flow pumps. The clams certainly love it more.

Does anybody else use a wavebox and thought that it was a nice upgrade?


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I use the smaller size Tunze wavebox on my 110 gallon mixed reef, sps dominant tank. I purchased it because I keep seahorses in my reef tank and I did not want to blast them to kingdom come with strong powerheads. Turns out the corals and the seahorses both seem to love the wave action produced by the wavebox. And I am really happy with the results too. Seems to really eliminate dead spots.


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Thanks. I wonder if anybody went to a wavebox, hated it and then went back to flow pumps? I seriously feel that I could have been doing a better job if I had gotten one of these ten years ago.

My first one was Tunze Comline in my 120G - nice 1" wave. I made my own out of used 6100s for my other tanks - $180-200 with a Tunze controller that could splash a little bit of water out of my 240 if I let it.


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I'd love to use a wavebox, but my tank being a small tank combined with the fact that it is braceless keeps me from getting one as I am afraid the tank will bust one day...hence why I dont use the wave function on my MP10's.


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If my tank wasn't five sided I would use one in a heartbeat, but they don't handle odd shaped tanks very well.


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I have been looking into these and a wave box, wich would be better in a 125 with 4 x 1300gph powerheads? Would the wavebox move more water?

I loved the wave box but down graded tanks and sold it....

This the way I look at it.. Its a risk with the China pump as it hasn't been out that long.. If you can afford the wave box go for it IMO. But you will need 2 WP40's in a 125gal with SPS.. But its a risk!! You might like the flow better using the the powerheads..

I have one in my 75gal and its amazing!!!