Wavemaker pumps and controllers


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Hello everyone. I have a 150 gallon tank with fish, live rock and coral. Years ago when it was set up I went with the Tunze 7095 controller and pumps. Great, awesome products. Fast forwarding to now, my controller is not working properly but the powerhead are ok. The controller partially works but it won't control flow, wave, etc... One pump goes fast and slow but the other one just runs full blast all the time. Roger said last year that my controller is shot. I can no longer afford new Tunze stuff as business has gone right in the toilet and pay has been cut substantially. Is there a middle of the road controller and pumps that would work for me?
Thanks for any help and advice that you can provide.


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Can you buy just controllers for your powerheads? I never had the 7095 but used the single controler that came with my Tunze pumps. I fried a controler on my Turbelle once but was able to get a replacement. Just had to crack open the new controller and plug in the old powerhead.

If not for low end just buy some Hydor Koralia circ pumps.

But if you really want flow - look at the Icecap Gyre pumps. Redsea also makes a version. They come with controllers $200-$300 the flow is insane