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I bought 2 of these from you guys about 2weeks ago. I have a AGA tank with the black trim. I cannot for the life of me figure out a way to mount them to my tank. Is there some bracket that needs to be purchased in order to make these work? Adam

Actually I am just now finding out that these are almost impossible to mount to an AGA tank right out of the box. I just tried putting one on my own system and found out the hard way. The only thing I could get it to mount to was the center brace or the overflow box. Other than that it looks like you would have to either make a bracket yourself or fasten some type of acrylic bracket to attach to the rim of your tank.

I apologize for this inconvenience. If you can not get anything to work we would be more than happy to return them for full credit, or get something else that may work for your application.

Please let me know when you get time.

Did you figure anything out. Which way are you goning to mount yours? I hate send these back. I opened both of these would this be a problem?
I am going to mount to a center brace and just get almost a full range of motion with it.

What size of tank are you using these on?
Does it have a standard middle brace, or are there two braces on this tank? Nonetheless, I would try to mount to those, still towards the back of the tank, and letting them blow away from each other. HTH