ways to drip Limewater


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Usually I have dosed my limewater using an old Kent salt container. I have used a a piece that you turned a knob you get the desire drip(cant remember) works but drip will slow to a stop. So I bought and IV line, which seems to work but drips slower. I was thinking about getting Aqua Lifter Dosing Pump and pinching off the airline to a more desired drip for limewater. Has anyone restricted the flow of the aqua lifter and did it work.


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Never restricted the flow on Toms pump but it would be easier to be accurate by putting it on a cycle timer to run for a minute or so periodically?


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Don't know if you have a controller but I used a peristaltic pump. The apex would let run a few seconds every few minutes.


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I agree with the suggestion of getting a good dosing/peristaltic pump. It's too easy to nuke a tank with a kalk overdose, and at the same time if it's your primary supplement then pretty important that the tank get it's dose consistently.

A dosing pump and a simple digital timer makes for a very consistent, reliable and safe dosing system for kalk.


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I used one of these (its called a drip set, and is used by veterinarians) pushed by an aqualifter with fine results:

Here's what the tank looked like at about 18 mo:

I used it at about a 1ml drip per 2 sec 24-7. I would make adjustments to the evaporation rate manually, but the steady drip set kept it close. It would clog from time to time, if I couldn't blow it free a vinegar treatment was needed. Having the bucket higher so gravity could help keep the flow going was better than having my reservoir bucket on the floor.

I continue to use the same aqualifter (5+ years) pushing limewater 24/7 from a still reservoir, but now I use a standard float valve as a regulator and ATO; this is a much better meathod.


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Your tank looks great and obviously what you are doing is working :)

That said, what happens when the airline blows off of the aqualifter due to the back pressure? Maybe not a tank killer, but definately a mess :(


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What this guy did is hook up valves to the output of the Toms. He also uses check valves to avoid back syphoning.


What I do since my dosing need is exactly half of what the Toms would give me in 1 minute of operation is I dilute the 2 part stuff in exactly double the amount of water. That way I don't have to choke them. I dose one minute of Alk at 9pm and 1 minute of Ca at 9am. It works for me so far.