weird question


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my uncle was telling me about how you can introduce a molly into a salt water system and they will thrive. i think he was pulling my chain is this true????


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I got 3 of them. Straight from petco. Don't really need quarentine because the parasites and stuff should die in the converesion process (FW and SW ich completely different etc.) but I am not 100% on that. At any rate they are supposedly great algae eaters and I believe it. I've never had algae problems but once I went w/o water changes for 2 weeks and the only spot in my tank with hair algae was the output of my powerhead where it and my snails oud't reach, and the thing was fighting the current like heck to get it.

I have 2 of them in a tank with no CUC except a cerith and a hermit and there is only film algae in one spot, on a piece of PVC. I have heard they can be agressive but have trouble believing it. They can also mate, give birth and be raised in the aquarium. I have 4 growing babies right now! And about 3-5 doing well in my sump with periodic feeding!

It's a great trick when FW people see "FW" fish in a marine tank!

Oh, and they breed like rabbits, which is a great way to provide a natural food source to your other fish.