Weird sulfur smell


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So I was moving some power heads and using a fresh towel to dry my hands. I started to notice a bad smell. It was the towel. It smelled like sulfur. My arms don't smell and neither does the water when I put my face over it. Everything looks great in the tank. I read a sulfur smell is bad but, it's only on the towel. I grabbed another and smelled it first. It was fine but after wiping my arms it smelled bad too. Any ideas? The tank is almost a year old with a shallow sand bed.


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I brought the gf downstairs and she couldn't smell anything in the water. Maybe it's just a disgusting sw towel smell.


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Sounds like everything is fine. If the tank is acting ok and the gf is acting ok then your good.

Alt, you could try paper towels and see if they smell.


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Not sure what sulfur smells like but I know that my tank work towels stink pretty bad if I don't wash them regularly haha. I have a few on rotate to avoid gross stale smells :)