well excuse me


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thanks for not informing me via p-m or e-mail before closing my FS thread. would have been nice to have been informed and given the opportunity to remove the post myself instead of me popping in to browse contribute, and check on my add. now i dont need to visit rc just visit the comas section where my fs thread has been posted for a couple of days now. thanks again for not informing me and giving me the opportunity to close my own thread :rolleye1:


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a pm still would have been nice and i could have edited it to state i would repost later. now every time i try to make ANY post, or reply i am having to log back in, including searching teh username data base (it is getting old having to log in every time i try to jump to the next page :mad: . if i go through rc directly this happens, if i go through another way (searching for reef clubs all works fine.


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There's 1 of 3 things wrong that are causing the login issue (none of which have any bearing on your previous issue):

1. You have a corrupted cookie from RC on your machine. Delete all cache and cookies from your browser and login to the site again.

2. Your firewall software (if you have one) is causing problems and blocking the cookies.

3. You are not going to reefcentral.com. Perhaps .org or .net? It may look like reefcentral (and it is), but you have to go to .com for the login and cookies to work.