Well I have a new anemone............


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I bought a new LTA on Friday the 3rd. It was a nice brown and white striped one. It looked healthy in the store.It wasn't attached yet but the guy told me in had just came in the day before, so I wasn't worried at all. I brought it home and acclimated it nice and slow. When I woke up the next morning he was still in his spot, COOL I was thinking to myself. Since then he has moved around a bit nothing much though. Today I am looking at him and it seems that most of his guts are out, but I still see some healthy looking tentacles. I checked my water for nitrates or ammonia. Both readings are ZERO. My questions is:

How long do I wait, do I cut my loss and pull him out, or hang in there and see what happens. I really don't want this guy to take my take down with him, but then again I would hate to get rid of him prematurely. Any help would be appreciated.

Hey I met you today at Coral Reef. I've had quite a few anemones, two being a LT. Did you get him at Pet Warehouse? They reguritate there food after they eat and it may look like what you describe. If you don't mind I could come by and look at him sometime.
Hey Matt, how's it goin. Yeah I know they chuck some food, I have another LTA and BTA. This one was going down hill. I did about 5 nitrate and ammonia test throughout the day, and the last 2 readings were starting to show ammonia. So I played safe and got rid of him. As far as coming over, sure I don't mind at all. I will PM you with my numbers. I got him from stingray bay in detroit, michigan.

Poor nem, life time in the ocean days out of it.

How did you acclimatise it and what other anemones do you have in the tank ?
Hey clarkii I take it you don't read before you post. Scroll up a bit and read the reply to matt. As far acclimation it took probably 45-60 mins. I float the bag for a good 20 mins. to bring to temp. Then I start adding some of my tank water to the bag, at the rate of a turkey baster every 15-20. After that I place the animal in the tank.

As far as my other anemones, my other LTA is one of the first things I put in my tank a year ago, after moving around for a week or so this guy anchored down and has NOT moved since. I also have a BTA that once he anchored he also has not moved.