well i never thought id say this but


its time for me to walk away from this hobby. between school and work i dont seem to find enough time to baby sit the corals and keep them 100% happy. I'm considering going to Brazil next summer for some work and to India and i"m afraid I'll lose everything anyway.

the tank is a 60gal custom reef ready made out of 3/4in acrylic with curved edges on all sides and rim. comes with custom stand.

400w MH bulb retro canopy with lumenbright reflector and retro T5 supplemental light.

aqua controller with temp pH and ORP control. comes with a DC8 and used probes ofcourse.

koralia V12 two stage controller with two K4s. work awesome and it comes with the light sensor.

precision marine bullet 2 skimmer with mag 18pump and auto shut off collection cup.

36in 6bulb T5 retro on the frag tank.

40breederl drilled frag tank
koralia 4 regular

24in 2bulb T5 retro on the sump.

90gal sump

110gal per day 6 stage RO with brutte collection can and two really good float valves.

a ton of corals and live rock.
most likely will have to split but for the sake of following the rules im asking 1500 for it all. if people show interest for the equipment ill split because i know the corals will sell for sure.
i have some nice 4-5in mini colonies. some ORA corals, lots of rics and yumas.

this is the tank before all the goodies went in still in really good shape. payed 150 bucks to get a really good algae scraper that works well.

a more recent pic but still about 6months old. corals have grown quite a bit since.


there is a price! 1500. but i know these days people aren't ballers so ill end up splitting. i did post a price to follow the rules if someone took the time to read :p

the zoa is something i picked up a long time ago. the bluest blue i ever seen. skirts have a tinge of green in them.


i slept on it many nights, i hate letting it go. its time a grow out of this time consuming hobby!!!!! ive had a fish tank every since i was 3 well it was a jar back then.


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he did, $1500

Nice setup, yea dude you should sleep on it. you could get like a webcam and stuff so that you could see/control your tank from out of the country


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Dont see All the fuss.

All the fuss of what running a tank from 1000's of miles away?


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You're a very sensable guy--I kow you thought about this long & hard... sorry to see you go but i know ya'll be back!

You know what to save for me! ;)
Got any extra T5s?


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Hey Mini Me...Watch your mouth or I'll come to Illinois
and throw you a beatin. Da glazed Da glazed! Hahhah

I'll be here!


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Sorry to hear this. The tank you're keeping will just have to give you twice the pleasure :). There are a couple of corals I like, but after checking the care on them I just don't think I have the proper lighting.