Well it finally happened, kalk overdose

A sea K

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My 1.1 ml dosing pumps were running way too much trying to keep up with the kalk delivery so I switched to a Toms Aqualifter. Here is where I screwed up, while resetting the timer I inadvertently set one of the settings to run from 12:00 am to 12:01 pm or 12 hours instead of 1 min.

Went to check out how much kalk was dispensed this morning and realized the container was empty. Took me a little bit to figure out what happened and in hindsight am glad I did not re-fill the container yesterday so fortunately I only dumped a little over a gallon in an 80 gal display system so I'm hoping not to have too bad of an issue.


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Been there, done that! What is your current Alk level? I would probably just not dose at all for a few days (or weeks?) to allow the level to drop back to your target range by itself.


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Been there, done that. Anyone that doses has had it happen one time or another.

In your case I would measure what your ALK is and just let it fall on its own. kalk is pretty benign as far as the chemicals one can dose. I wouldn't expect anything more then some cloudy water for a few days, and maybe some precip on the glass or heater.


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Over the past couple weeks I have been dumping Kalk slurry and dripping about a gallon of full solution a day to see what it does to some dino.

Anyway, been aiming for 8.4+ and have had several voyages to 8.6+ and one to 9.

Has not hurt anything, dkh was 9.6 this morning.