Well, that just happened...


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So my GBTA that I have had for over a year now went MIA...

But, heres the problem, I had a cage over it to protect it from a butterfly that has been bugging it(getting rid of the butterfly). So i pulled out the cage tonight to flip some rocks and find it and didn't notice that it was stuck to the cage(which is covered with algae).

Problem, it was exposed to the air for about 2 or 3 minutes and then my screams of panic and yeah you get the idea, I got it back into the tank.

Did I just totally kill it?? or could it come back and be fine? When I scooped him up and put him back in the tank, he stuck to my fingers pretty well, that should be a good sign right? and yeah its all shrunkin up but looks to be alive to me, just really really ****ed off.

Any ideas as to what I should expect?? Is he a gonner or am I just freakin out for nothing or somewhere in between?

Thanks for the info in advance!
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It should be fine, especially if it was in your tank and in good health for that long. Nems can get exposed to air for longer periods than that during low tides and do just fine.


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Wow!, Thanks for putting my mind at ease. I was once told that it is really bad for them to be exposed to any air let alone a few minutes. Glad to know something new, and that I didn't kill the little guy. Now I just need to get the cage cleaned up and get him happy again.

Thanks again for the reply!


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you'd be surprised how long most of the things in our tanks can handle periods of air. Some anemone's are shipped with just wet newspaper