Westport Aquarium 20% off entire 1st purchase!


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Hey all,

I recently started helping around my fav LFS, Westport Aquarium, and wanted to let you all know of their "20% off 1st entire purchase" discount. I have religiously gone there since I started reefing and they've always helped me out & were very knowledgeable. All my live stock and corals have come directly from them and they've all done great as well. Their prices are competitive to the other local stores IMO (they are like a $1 store compared to House of Fins prices)

They are one of the only places I've frequented that urged me to wait on a purchase (that just came in) to make sure it was eating and healthy. I was impressed by that mentatlity. And sadly for me anytime I wanted to purchase something they recommended against (which is too often), they would always end up right. My stubborness makes me believe in reef miracles :).

One other thing I loved is recently, the owner, Bob, began mixing his own Reef water that has optimized levels of ALK/CA/MG which has helped me get rid of dosing and making my own WC water.

If you've never checked them out def do. You will get 20% off your first purchase, not just one item but the whole first purchase. http://local.yahoo.com/info-30460150-westport-aquarium-westport

I will ask if they wanted to extend any forum specific discounts or perks and post them.

If anyone does head down, tell them Joe B. sent you!