Wet / Dry Sump Intake


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Depending on the size of the drain bulkheads on your tank, I would go 1-2 sizes up and put a T in followed by a pair of 45* fittings to make a more gradual 90* and run those into each of your intakes on your sump with some of that flex hose shown in the link by using reducers at the end of the second 45* fitting. The idea is that if you have for example a 1" bulk head at the bottom of your tank, adapt it up to a 1.5" so there is no restriction caused by the plumbing. I always go a size or 2 up on things like unions and bulk heads to reduce any impact of the added fittings joints in the plumbing. That or you could come out of the oversized T fitting just below your tank, reduce each side down and attach those blue flex lines there. You might need to suspend the flex lines from the bottom of the tank stand with some plumbers tape or PVC Pipe hangers which you can get from Home Depot or Lowes. That will keep the hoses from sagging and prevent undue stress on the lid of the sump.


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Thanks for the great explanation! My current sump is leaking and I think it's time for a new one anyway.