What’s next?


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Cycle just completed successfully.
I have Reef Packages from etropicals.com.
Scarlet Reef Hermits, Dwarf Blue Leg Hermits , Astraea Turbo Snails, Nassarius Snails Queen, Peppermint Shrimp, Emerald Crab
I have perfect water condition (am 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 20, pH 8.2)
What’s next? What fish do you recommend? Damsel or not Damsel.
I’m thinking about Anemones & Clownfish in the future.
My tank: 45 gal, LR 45 lb
Thanks for any suggestions.


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IMO....no fish till at least another month.....then I would look at clowns first...then let the tank mature a bit before you add your anemone....BTW...what kinda lights do you have?


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damsels get mean so if you plan on getting damsels make them the last fish you put in. otherwise they will terrorize anything you put in after them.


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if you want a stater/tester fish, i suggest a green chromis. they aren't expensive and much more peaceful than a damsel.



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1st I would reccomend a water chage to bring the nitrates down.

I would not reccomend putting damsels in the tank unles you REALLY REALLY like damsels - many tend to be bullies and reek havoc on the rest of your fish - if you do want damsels put them in last. DOn;t add too many fish at once - no more then 2 at a time and space it out weeks apart to give your bio-filter a chance to adjust.


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i third that damsel talk. i hate those bastards...they pick on everything you put in your tank and they're impossible to take out later on. chromis can be nippy as well. what you should do for now is to put in your cleanup crew and wait a few more weeks before introducing fish. clowns are pretty hardy and relatively cheap...throw that guy in. and...your params are not perfrect...trates could go down a bit.


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I forget to mansion about my filter.
I have Ehime 2213 canister. Will it work for Anemones & Clownfish?
Since I can put more then 2 fishes, what else will be suitable for beginner as I am?
Thanks again


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Perfect nitrates are zero nitrates. I wouldnt have more than one pair of clowns in a 45g. I dont know anything about the canister filters, so I cant help you there. Firefish are pretty and hardy. Dont add all the fish at once. Its best to do one fish a month. Dont be in a hurry to stock your tank. You'll have it for a long time, and new fish are always enticing.

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No anemones with your current light setup. The Aquatraders fixture you linked to is more powerful than what you have, and you're right, it is cheap. In this hobby, you usually get what you pay for.


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Do you have 1 lb live rock per gallon? If so you can use your cannister just to run carbon. Any filter builds up nitrate, and unless you're running a FOWLR tank, your tank will get along fine with no filter but the live rock and sand.

Only 2 clowns of same species per tank, unless your tank is 6 feet long...and there are so many fish in the sea! Go visit liveaquaria and reefer madness, among our sponsors, and take a look at the variety available to you. [Also check out the compatibility chart liveaquaria offers on its side panel! Worth its weight in fish chowder---which can result if you get incompatibles.]