What a difference a fish makes!


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Almost 2 months ago I made the classic mistake of adding too many fish too soon and lost a lot. Funny how patient I was up until it was time to add fish after a cycle. Anyways, all I had were 5 chromis, a yellow tang, and a couple mollies in my 125g DT. Almost 2 weeks ago I added a kole tang and cleaner shrimp. When Reef Junkie came over a few days ago he noticed how timid the tangs were. I explained that the yellow tang didn't really care for the kole for the first few days but things were getting better. I rarely saw the cleaner shrimp, aside from his long sweeper tentacle thingies.

And then...

I just introduced a fish I've had an eye on for a while. The blue-throat trigger. I am hoping he turns out to be one of the reef safe ones. I expected the yellow tang to go after him right away. Well, he did. For about 5 minutes. He quickly realized the trigger wasn't going to have any of it. What transpired in the next hour or so made me cry with joy. My kole tang is ALL OVER THE PLACE! He's even standing up to the yellow tang now. And now I see my cleaner shrimp CLEANING THE YELLOW TANG!!!

To see a new addition you love and watch the symbiosis so quickly is so amazing! I've been sitting in front of my tank for the last few hours in pure joy! Wow, the yellow tang is getting cleaned by the shrimp again! LOL I LOVE IT!!!


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I love watching my cleaner shrimp!

I've had two for so long then they died idky but I recently got 2 more and only see 1 sometimes hanging out he's all over.