what about the blue's


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my blue colonies can't survive...
what kind of light they need? is it true that they live better with not much light?

sorry for my english, Claudio


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It depends on your lighting, what do you have over your tank? They love bluer light like 20k halides or t5's with a higher actinics ratio. Mine do great under LED's as well. It's good to start them off under lower light and tehn acclimate them from there.

Do you have pics of yours? It's weird to see them die out unless they get way too much light or the parameters are off a bit.


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all the other polyps are doing great...
i'll take a picture tonight, now the lighs are off,
by the way, i use a plusrite 250w 14000°K and 2 t5 24w blueplus ati.


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Blue zoas in my experince do better under low light, when I had T5s I used to put them in shade spots or very low light and they would do great and color beautifully. Now that I have LEDs not matter where I placed them they do good.
(For sure strong light will bleach them)
Again this is my personal experince:twitch:


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Where do you have them in the tank, and how much flow are they getting?

i had in the nano under the cone of a 70w hqi on a strong flow, and now they are on the low right not really in the cone of the 250w.
not much current now.
do you think the key is a stronger flow??
thank you guys

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I've found some small blue polyps once and placed many frags all over the tank.
So hard to find them!!! Once in a life time kinda thing.
The best frags in the tank were the ones with low water flow and shaded areas, BUT they were found in a sunny area, shallow water, high flow. They grow very, very slow too.
Go figure...
The lights in the tank were probably between 6.500K to 10.000K, I guess.
Some melted very fast when I first put them in the system. Probably bacterial infection. They went very fast!!!

Just my $.02.


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here's the pic
the green are spreading fast, the blue don't. at all
it was a 20 polyps frag an year ago


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They kinda take a while to spread in the beginning.
I think most of the blue zoanthus are like that. Many people say they are "hard to keep".
Sometimes other colors of Zoanthus are like that too.
And sometimes if you put many frags from the same colony, regardless the color/species, in different places, in the same tank they will grow in a different rate too (water flow and light).
I would just live it alone and wait. As long as it doesn't have anything eating it and no bacteria infection it should be fine.
One day they begin to go crazy and reproduce fast. :)
Keep the parameters constant and try to feed a good quality coral food once a week, very small amounts to see what happens - target feeding. Every time I've tried that worked somehow. I believe there is a stimulation for the zoanthids' internal muscles and natural wild behavior.
Most of the time we think they're not growing, but they are.
Normally the less polyps per frag, the slower they'll grow too (not a rule!).
I like the green zoas!
Good luck.