What Air Pump For Ozone?


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I just installed an Ozotech Poseidon, with a Milwaukee Controller and an small air pump (for a 50 gallon tank)

The ORP has gone from 190mv to 245mv over 18 hours and the water looks unbelievable already!

I am about to add the air dryer, and fear that the added back pressure will be too much for the pump.

I know that too much air is a bad thing.

What air pump are you using?


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How long has your orp probe been set up?

You really shouldnt be dosing ozone in the first 3 or 4 weeks of running a probe. It takes some time for them to "break in"


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It does not state that it any of the manuals. . .where did you hear that??

The milwaukee manual stated that the probe needed to stabilize, and it seemd to stabiize at 190 in several places in the system.

Any thoughts on the size air pump to use with an air dryer?


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It depends how you are diffusing the ozone into the water and the rate fo water flow.

I use the air intake on a skimmer; work like a charm.


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I have it plumbed into the JG fitting on the AquaC EV180

It seems to work OK for now. . .I am just worried about the introduction of the air dryer. . .

recent reading at 318mv