What am I missing here???

Roger D.

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Hi Everyone:

I have a 55 gal reef tank that's been up and running for over three years now. It is a natural reef system with 1/2" aragonite
floor in the display tank and twenty gallon long sump. I use a ureoreef skimmer which works very well and a Pacific coast chiller which maintains an average water temp. of 79 degrees. There is approx. 100 lbs. of corraline covered live rock that's been in the tank since it was set up. My ammonia, and nitrite levels are non detectable, and nitrates are less than .3 mg./L My calcium level is maintained at 340 to 350 and alkalinity at 8 to 10 dkh. I keep only six reef fish in the tank, all are healthy and thriving. The rest of the tank is populated with corals (no sps). I monitor my pH with a pinpoint monitor and it runs between 8.1, lights out to 8.3
during the photo period. Lighting, two 175 watt 14k mh on e-ballast, supplemented by a pair of 65 watt compact actinics which run 9 hours per day. Water circulation is good with a little giant return pump and three tank mounted powerheads.

Other than calcium and alkalinity buffers I use no other additives.
My corals do not grow and slowly decrease in size. I use no mechanical (sponge filters) of any kind and no activated carbon.
With so many additives on the market I wouldn't no where to begin as far as trying any for fear I might kill coral and or fish.

I would appreciate any advise from those who use additives in there reef tanks and can advise me as to which ones are essential to coral health and growth. I do not target feed my coral but do feed cyclopeeze to the tank twice weekly.

Many thanks in advance,
Roger D