what are all the foods a tribal blenny will eat?


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It is my understanding that tribals are a lot like a midas blenny. My midas does very well on a mix of green foods (like Formual 2 flake), NLS pellets and meaty food like mysis. I probably feed the flake twice a week.


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mine won't eat anything but the algae in the tank. are these guys picky like lawnmowers or will they easily eat anything like a bicolor blenny? i got him on sept 23. i could use as many opinions as possible. are they atrosalarias fuscus or Ecsenius namiyei? i figure ecenius easily eat anything while salarias will not.
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Mine is eating a variety of foods: Omega One Super Veggie green seaweed, frozen Spirulina Brine Shrimp (Hikari)...loves it!, Formula Two Flakes (Ocean Nutrition), as well as eating off the rock.

Hope that helps with variety.


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Salarias/Atrosalarias-types will eat anything, if they realize it is food. That is the tricky part. For some it never happens, for others all they need is to see another fish eat to catch on.

Ecsenius-types shouldn't be as picky.

As far as I know a Tribal should be Ecsenius unless it was mislabeled.