What are options to have tank delivered and moved into place?


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So I'm looking to move soon, and after I get settled, set up a 300g tank. I'm trying to do some research now to figure out some of the cost and logistics now rather than later. So this is all hypothetical but I really plan to do this. This is probably like 6mo-1yr away.

I have been doing a lot of research on what it takes to set up and keep a reef going but I want to focus this post on just the logistics of getting a tank of this size delivered and placed onto the stand. I will leave some space behind the stand so I can do plumbing etc, possibly even have a small "fish room".

I assume the LFSs in the area will not have tanks that big or any kind of delivery service even if they did. So I'm kind of left with ordering the tank online or DIY. I'm heavily considering DIY just because building the tank in place seems easier logistically.

Assuming I plan to order a glass tank + stand online and have it delivered. I'm not going to know many people in the area I'm moving to so I'm exploring options on getting the stand and tank physically moved into place in my home. I'm guessing it will take no less than 4 people and a few hours.

Assuming I have a perfect stable place for the tank and stand, what options are there to have someone to move the stand and place the tank onto it? I'm assuming normal delivery guys will only drop off tank and stand into your yard and will not help with inside the home stuff. Are there any common options for this kind of thing? What would be the cost, assuming I have the tank and stand already in my yard?

Whats the biggest size tank you can buy at LFS that will fit in a rental van and be maneuvered around and installed by only 2 people?


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Order a custom tank from your LSF. Just like HippieSmell mentioned, hire a moving company. They are license and bonded. They'll pick it up from the LSF, move it inside your house and place it exactly where you want it for a reasonable price. Other option is to get 4-6 guys from your local reef club, rent a moving truck, order beer and pizza for the guys, get some suction cups. At the same time, hoping nothing bad happen during the move like scratching the glass, damaging the stand, or wrecking your house. So long story short, I vote for hiring a moving company for any tank over 200 gallon.


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I recently moved 30 miles... both moving companies (well known) wouldn't touch my 90gal nor move anything glass that wasn't boxed. If your new tank came in its shipping crate, I suspect the movers would have no problem. They will move your tank anywhere within the house you want... I emailed national carriers and each had a rep do free visit within a couple of days. I had never hired pro movers before...wouldn't hesitate to do it again.


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I would also hire a moving company - if they break it their insurance will pay. If you break it... ;)

I had my largest tank delivered by a moving company and they did it without problem. If you ask your friends to help, they will curse you. Glass tanks are very heavy and bulky - and delicate...

Try to plan the way to get to the tank stand - if there isn't enough space because of a narrow corridor or door you might need to have the tank glued together in place.

Vinny Kreyling

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Just had a custom tank delivered just like the last 2 tanks.
Told the local store " what is the price DELIVERED?"
Figure on @ least 4 guys to carry in a big tank, I've seen 6-8 depending on weight.
Was going to go 300DD but after seeing its footprint & the space I would loose in the room I went with 30" depth & am happy with the decision.


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Marineland makes a 300gal, the 300DD.

In my experience, LFSes will generally transport and install any tank you buy from them for a reasonable fee.

Otherwise, I'd hire a moving company.