What are these?


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I took the best pic I could, its not so clear but I hope its enough...

I found myself staring in my new tank one day and saw these little things moving around? What are they? Are they bad for my tank?

The first one I think may be copepods...but I've never seen one in real life before, only drawings and some pics. But the other star like thing, I have never seen before?

Anyone know what they are?


The first I'm pretty sure is pods and the second may be a hydroid jellyfish but that's only if I'm remembering an old post correctly.
Here's a quote from someone on another forum

they aren't good but they aren't going to do any damage. they stick to your glass and sometimes sting your fish. i have some in my tank, unless your tank if full of them, then theres nothing to worry about

Well that's what I know about them but he does sound right. That was my opinion at first but I had to make sure.
those are copepods, and yes hydroid jellyfish. my coral beauty loved to munch on them. they didnt last long in the tank.