what can you use to suspend a T5 retrofit kit?


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So I have a t5 retro kit from hellolights.com and I was wondering what everyone uses to supend their fixture over there tank?

I have 2 MH reflectors as well and one t5 will go on each side. I want to lower the lights about 2 or 3 inches. The canopy height is about 14 inches tall. Do you use a chain of some sort or some special type of screws, or blocks of wood?

Also- how far off the water should the fixture be?

Pictures would be great!!!!!!!!


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I would use some 1x2's and span from front to back (if it won't affect the doors) or from side to side. Then screw your fixtures into that.


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Really, only one person wants to help me out!!!! :(

I need advice soon because the fixture is coming in on saturday!


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here you go.

This setup works awesome for me.

The brackets are screwed into wall studs for support FYI.
The brackets also have a lip which allows the chain to be "slid" along the "rail" The top of the chain has a hook attached.
Also as you can see in the middle of the chain I added those oval shaped spring clips. This allows me to move the fixture vertically when cleaning, the rail allows the light to be moved forward or backward out of the way of the glass tank lid.

I just drilled a hole right into the metal reflector.
make sure you drill through into a piece of wood to avoid warping the reflector. I then added two hooks and put nuts on the inside to fasten the hooks.
this system works great for my setup.
hope this helps!!


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There is a cool hanging wire kit available at IKEA stores, just go by the courtain department, they are very similar to the kits from Giesemann lighting
Re: what can you use to suspend a T5 retrofit kit?

get the adjustable cable kit from PFO lighting.

hellolights sells these.
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