what clean up crew?


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I would start off with something like this:
10-15 Astraea Snails
1 Serpent Star
Pair of Skunk Cleaner Shrimps.

If you go with sand, to start with, go ahead and these to the above list:
5 Nassarius
5 Ceriths snails.

I would not put hermits in, even though I use them. Good Luck...


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Diversity in snails is my advice. I do think that you could use 10+ snails I think you should mix them up.
I use,
Black turbo
Mexican turbo
Pacific turbo

I think you could use three or four of these and get two or three of each and be very happy!
Hermits can be benificial or a disaster. Use at your own risk! I only use Mexican Redlegs because I have found them to be the least destructive.
Same goes for Emerald crabs. I would have at least one in your system but not until later when your system is well established.
I personally don't like starfish unless it is for ornamental reasons.
I hope this helps.