what denotes a nano reef


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G'day all
being new to the hobby , was wondering what are the spec's of a nano tank , gallon capacity ? size ? brand ? i am have set up a tank witch is 36" x 18" h x 14" which works out to be around 34 gall not inculding the sump , where would that put me ?
sorry if it seems to be a silly question , but curious ?


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I've heard of anything that is not the actual ocean to be concidered a "nano" reef. but usally when we talk about nano reef we are refering to anything smaller then a standard 55 gallon. But mostly it's up for interpretation.


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anything smaller than the ocean really, some dont consider my 20+20 a nano but hey, to me it offers the stability of a slightly larger tank with the neat, $saving, size querks of a nano. Picos are normally smaller than 5, but nano are a looser term. It really does not matter to me, it is just that the smaller tanks need to feel special too!