What do you guys use/recomend for doseing?


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im just curious what does everyone dose their reef tanks with. i see so many products in stores but not sure which ones to go with once i pull the trigger on buying my first coral. for example if you have a zoa garden, mushroom garden, soft corals, sps corals, ect. so many products to choose from but id like to know which one has the best results. thanks guys in advance.:beer:


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cal ,alk and mag go thro brs and carbon tipe lagit and gfo
food and trace i go with kint
and for most anything eles is realy a preffince


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I use BRS for carbon and gfo as well. And also dosing for Ca, Alk and Mg.

I don't really dose any other trace elements though I have a few kent ones if I ever find need for them.

I also have food from brs such as reef chili, and elos fish food... I love them and so do my fish.

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Kalkwasser via ATO.
Ocaisionally I will add iodine (pour it directly on my Xenia).
And add Magnesium when I think I need it. I do not test it.


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sweet thanks guys now i have a better idea what to look for when i get my gardens up and running :) i cant wait! so what is kalkwasser for? sps? lps? anything else. i do have a ATO but only running rodi. i heard of people putting this in their ato but im not too sure what its for.


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BRS - Calcium, Mag, Lignite Carbon, & GFO
Arm & Hammer Baking Soda - ALK
Mts. Wages Pickeling Lime - Kalk top off

Works Great & Economical!