What do you guys use to catch debris?


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Hi, All I recently added a 20 long sump onto my tank. So i have a large* cpr overflow that drains into the first portion of the sump, which houses an asm g2, than it overflows into an around 9-10 section which i tried to setup a small refugium it has cheato and some live rock and sand. Finally is my return pump a mag 7(i really need to upgrade). So i was wonderin is thier a way i can put a pad of some sort or carbon in there? as i would like to stop using the current filter a magnum 350. thanks all sorry for the long confusing read. But i'm just wondering if a sponge or some sort of pad something to catch debris...


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I just cram my back of carbon between the baffles. That way the water has to run through it. I have a 30L as well. I also picked up one of the filter sock mounts and I am running that to pick up the big stuff! Hope this helps!