What do you use between the stand and the floor?


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I just finished the frame of my small stand for a 20 gallon cube, while not perfect it is starting to look nice...

When I was checking the size and location I noticed that the stand base don't sits perfect with the floor, I was really careful build the stand as square and strong as possible but there is the possibility that it's not perfect and adding a floor that is not perfect it's just not helping!

What do you put in between the floor and the stand to help to fill the imperfections?

I was thinking to put to stand on top of a rubber anti fatigue floor mat to keep it on place, protect the floor, help with vibration transferred from the floor to the stand and viceversa and solve the problem of the irregularities in the floor and the base of the stand...


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treat it like an uneven table or cabinet...work a shim into the problem corner. There's no wrong way to do it so long as the tank stays where you want it. You can buy a pack of cheap wood shims from your local big box store, tap them in, and cut the extra off. You can fold up some paper and do the same thing.

There's no wrong way to do it as long as it keeps the tank from rocking. You could use Captain Crunch if it worked.

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I have two things between my stand and the floor

  • A pond liner. Read the link for why :)
  • Elephant bark which was mainly to try and reduce any pump vibration from turning the wall the tank pokes through into a big rumbling speaker. You can just about see it in the 2nd picture in the link above actually, it's the speckled-blue colour under the tank.


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I would use shims as well. Although the mat might seem like a good idea, it will compress more where the shims aren't needed and still offer little to no support where they are. It will also trap moisture underneath. Yes, you will have spills. It's a box filled with water. It happens!