What fish for my 30 gal reef?


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Okay, I'm asking for the wisdom of the group here!

I have a 30 gal reef tank with one small clown and a small pajama fish. I also have live rock, sand, grunge, and about 30 janitors.

I have three soft corals which are very small.

I was thinking of adding maybe two more fish, but I want to make sure they'll do okay in the 30 gal.

Should I buy more clowns? Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Pgmy angel! My favorite is the potters angel. Second would have to be the flame angel. Also an anenome and another clown of the same species would be cool. It is really fun to watch them wriggle around in anenome.


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What kind of clown is it? I would definitly try to pair it off. I had my Ocellaris by itself for a while and it was the most annoying fish in the tank. It would follow my gobies around and bother them constantly. It really wanted a friend, so I bought her one. Now that she has a mate, she hosts my mushrooms and is the star of the tank!