What happen to aquarium showroom?

yamaha racer

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I knew max since mermaid in milpitas. He was always a cool guy that hooked it up pretty good. Last I saw of him was aquarium showroom off 10th st. I traveled the country,moved to tx, than up north and now that I've been back I haven't heard a work of him. Anyone know what happened?


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He got out of the aquarium business. Focuses on his dogs. Has a quite impressive blood line he created for Cane Corsos. Google Maximo's kennels. You'll see he's one of the primary guys in the US for cane corsos and has a couple of the highest ranking South African boreboels in the world. He still likes fish. But is all about working dogs/ dog sports / and shows. He has a couple dogs grand akc titled. I still talk to him from time to time.

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