what in sump protein skimmer???

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I haven't bought one in like 7 years. Wondering what's nice out there for an in sump protein skimmer. The one i have now is a bit outdated its an original catalogue 220 with the old cup.i know a lot of people complain about this skimmer but for a Fowler it worked fine. Planning to add corals this go around and want a good skimmer. For a 125 gallon tank
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For several years I have run an Aqua Euro 250 Gallon In Sump Classic skimmer. Works great.

Surprised more people haven't gotten this one.

Built like a tank!


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MTC- they have new models but their old models are great, same for the calcium reactors.
They don't get a lot of threads about their equipment but they don't get any complaints either :p


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I have a reef octopus sro3000sss I love it. My pump blew out, contacted the company talked to tech support they sent a new impeller. That didn't fix it so they sent me a whole new pump no charge for anything. I'm reef octopus for life after that experience


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I use ASM G4 on both of my 180's. I used one on my 125 for awhile. They're WONDERFUL.

One of my 180's (with full reef) has a SWC 160 as well, double skimming.