What is difference between a dentrator and a Phosphate reactor


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I have read about vodka and sugar dosing. I have seen a product called Aquaripure Denitrator and have seen Phosban reactor 150.

The Aquaripure denitrator feeds by vodka or sugar input and the Phosban uses something like Phosban media.

My question is do both remove the same things. Meaning, I understand that nitrate and phosphate are different, however, do these type of products remove both.

I have 0 nitrates and 0 phosphates with my Salifert test kit. Only after I added a good sized clean up crew have my hair algae has gone to almost nothing. However, I would like to eliminate my hair algae to 0 if that is possible.

I have a 55 gallon reef with DSB, sump, and chaeto in the refugium. I have MH/T5 lighting. My parms are as follows:

salt 1.025, ph 8.3, nitrate 0, phosphate 0, calcium 400. I have very few fish. 2 damsels, 1 diamond goby, clown and my cleanup crew, plus cleaner shrimp, fireshrimp and blue star fish (this is new).

My point, is I have very few fish and 0 nitrates and phosphates, but would not mind adding a couple of more fish, if my tank could support it. So I was looking at the aquaripure denitrator and a phosban reactor and not sure if they do different things or remove the same things.

The thing about the Aquaripure Denitrator seems to be that you dose the cartridge so that the vodka stays safe inside the container and should not overdose ( I think).

I am also not sure if I get a benefit from using the Aquaripure Denitrator than just dosing Vodka in my tank with a doser.

Anyway, your feedback it appreciated.

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