what is left of my 150 gallon for sale (boca raton)


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this is what is left, trying to get people to come on sunday of this week to get stuff . anyone is welcome to come by and check stuff out on sunday and make a deal for what is left if they are in the boca raton area.

about 100 pounds of amazing amazing live rock including a 20 pound marshall island piece - 250 for it all or 3 bucks a pound

large yellow belly hippo tang-150 obo

dry goods-
multiple large koralia pumps- make an offer
probe chiller- 250

the tank itself 150 gallon drilled with rear left overflow with stand/canopy and 2 strip lights with 2x150hqi for $600!!

spare parts-
little giant external pump-50 bucks
magdrive 12- 25 bucks
electornic float valve- 25 bucks

corals- assorted zoos - 15 bucks
cinnomon polyps 15 dollars a polyp for blues and greens and 7 dollars a polyp for brownish

i have very rare hard to describe ricordia like mushrooms that are purple and green, i have one on a single rock for 25 bucks and 3 on another rock for 60 bucks. very unusual

i posted some pics

PLEASE EMAIL dsavides86@yahoo.com for quicker responses


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