what is the best powerhead


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I have never considered buying one until now. As title states what is the best/versitile. I assume tunze because of there price.

OR would i be better of building a spray bar and using a mag or an eheim pump on a timer??


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Tunze seems to be a very good choice and have heard nothing but excellent things about there customer service.

Check out Vortech also

Me personally i use Seio's:)


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For all combined aspects I'll say Koralias. Just because something is expensive doesn't mean its the best. Tunze may be good but are they worth double or triple. I've never used Seio's but if I needed the higher flow thats what I'd use.


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/\/\tunze don't cost much more that koralias. You should check out the tunze nano streams. Its like $30 more but it's 1/3 the size for the same flow.


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Tunze Nano 6045- 1,198gph- $90
Koralia 4- 1,200gph- 45$

Prices per Marine Depot. The 4's were 37$ last week, you can find them on a good sale usually somewhere. When I said triple, that was from another site. I still can't justify paying double for a reduction in size. The only thing that would convince me is if you could use them on a wavemaker. I also know about the mod, but I shouldn't have to mod something I paid almost a 100$ for.


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IMHO and IME, the koralias are overated in their flowrates, and not as effective as the nanostreams. I own both and find the tunzes to be more than worth their asking price, from the superior mounting magnets to the better aimability.


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I like Tunze. Tunze has the best/consistent customer service i have experienced in this hobby.


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Tunze. I have 10 of them. I have two extras that I rotate with a cleaning in vinegar cycle.


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I like the fact that a powerhead can be moved around alot easier than a closed loop. The link didnt work for me....

Do ph's move 1900(just an example) gph in a tight small jet like stream, or are they a wider larger flow??


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Tunze are the best, period. No "yearly parts replacement" required. I've had a 6100 running for a solid 2+ years with no issues, ever. (knock on wood)...

I tell you what, I've got a couple of maxijets that have to be 5+/- years old and they work every time I plug them in- keep in mind I don't use them as much (maybe 2-3 days a week)..
Maxijets are a good solid powerhead imho.


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The tunze nano I had was so brittle the plastic broke when you looked at it wrong, it also started backwards all the time. What I liked about it was that it wasnt mine =] I know they had a bad batch of plastic at some point and blame it on that but still... I think the koralia whoops a tunze nano in terms of reliablility. You can also mod them very easy with a maxijet impeller and rc prop while retaining the only starts one way feature. I run 8 and havent had any issues from them.

IF you want to spend 10x more money then a Vortec or Tunze stream would be the best option as they are both controllable and have high flow outputs.

Edit: it would be easier if you were asking what pump NOT to buy, then we probably would all agree.

It would be pretty easy to give the MaxiJet the best powerhead of all time award. I don't think they break....


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If you are on a budget go with the Hydro you will like them alot. If you have more cash to spend, I would go with Tunze or vortechs. I like the fact with the Tunzes and vortech you have a lot of options for output.