What is the best schedule for Ai Hydra to LPS and Soft corals?


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I have a reef 360 liters. 3 rails Ai hydra.
Photoperiod of 12 hours with ramp 2 hours.
Would you like some help from you guys for the best schedule for lps and soft.
Thank you ...


Team RC
Here is how I have my Vega set-up:
1. 7:00 am (240 minute Ramp Up) W-6, B-6, RB-6, DB-4, R-3, G-2
2. 11:05 am (240 minute Ramp Up) W-90, B-98, RB-98, DB-98, R-60, G-50
3. 6:00 pm (210 minute Ramp Down) W-3, B-6, RB-6, DB-2, R-2, G-0
4. 9:45 pm (15 minute Ramp Down) W-0, B-0, RB-0, DB-3, R-0, G-0
5. Lunar Cycle 10 pm to 7 am
The light sit 12" up off the water over a 24" x 24" x 20" deep semi-cube SPS dominated mixed reef tank.