What is the fish in your reef that you like the most


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Mine would be my new gold headed sleeper goby.He is sooo pretty.I am going to have to do alot more improvements on my tank.I want him to have a great home here.I would like for him to be the centerpeice of my reef.He is the largest fish,but my yellow tang loves to have attention.Show pics of your favorite fish and tell why he is.


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my onyx clowns :)


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It would have to be my Pair of Maldives clownfish.....Although my red head elegant psudochromis is a close second.


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I'd have to say my Tomini too. Though my Lyretail Anthias and his little Harem are pretty nice too. :D


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i love my jawfish. he has so much personality. Snails come into his burrow and he pickes them up in his mouth and spits them out of his hole.


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I absolutely adore my flagfin angel. He wasn't in the best shape when I got him, but he's bounced back nicely. He's very interactive, paces in front of the MagFloat every morning waiting for his seaweed, and plays well with his tankmates. Oh... and he's gorgeous. He's only about 2" long, I can't wait to see this little guy grow up :D