what is the salinity in aragalive?


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I have no clue. Test it. It's a small amount though it won't create a drastic salinity change or anything though.


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The reason why is that I just setup a new tank. It makes sense to me that I would want to try and match my tanks water to close to what the bag of sand is and adjust from there as required.

Bacteria could shock and die too. So if I go hypo or hyper too far on either spectrum I just wasted the extra money I paid for "live" sand.


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The bacteria should be veryyy hardy i mean ive had lots of things survice two day shipping so trust me when i say dont worry about the salinity in the bag, theres only a few cups of water anyways


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There's not a lot that's live in those bags of "live sand" . Anything that is alive in there has already been through a lot more than salinity differences. Make up your water to normal reef salinity and don't worry.


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I think you are going toan extreme that you don't have to go to try to keep some bacteria live in a small bag of Sand