What is this? Pics....


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I was doing my water change tonight and noticed this wormy looking thing! Sorry for the bad quality pic! It was white, and slimy. I removed it right away but just need an ID.



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Those would be snail eggs. Looks like the cerith eggs i get all the time.
Not a bad thing. Free food for the fish:)



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Snail killer! :D Just kidding... Looks like snail eggs to me. Hey, if it wasn't you, the fish would have gotten them anyway. ;)


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Another vote for snail eggs
I get them from time to time and see them in dealer tanks all the time.



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I did a water change (50%) and moved my mexican turbo snail to the refugium for an hour or two and a week or two later I noticed a couple of baby mexican turbos! woohoo!


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What about getting them shells? How does that work? I know nothing about snails!

I believe that the shell actually grows with them. Now them keeping the shells seems to be another problem in itself as I recently added 4 nassarius snails, (thought I was getting 5 but one was an empty shell), since then I have only seen one nassarius snail and two hermit crabs with nice new shiny nassarius shells!:mad2:


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Well it happens ocassionally. The only snails that have reproduced in my tank are stometellas. My fish start eating the eggs as soon as they develope a little.