What is this?


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I have these little brown discs all over my sand. They have almost taken over my sabdbed and are starting up the walls.

They are about 1-2mm round in size.

Any idea as to what these are?




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Probably a type of acoel flatworm or planarian, use flatworm exit product and it kills them for a time, you have to redose :) You can buy it at marine depot, or maybe your LFS....


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Have you search pics of red flat worms(planaria)?
They are not harmeful, but can irritate corals. They are photosynthetic and reproduce according to nutrients and flow.
I've had/have them, but they don't bother anything if you have very good flow. And fish will eat them.


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Some have had luck with a 6 line wrasse, mine didn't touch them when I had them. Flatworm eXit worked great for me.