What is up with my clowns


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I have to false Percs. I got one with my tank about a 2 months ago and then I decided to add another one a week after the tank was running. I got the tank from a friend that was getting out of Fish. I have only a chocolate chip star with them. In a 29 gal tank. They have been buddy buddy since about a day two of being in the tank. Now about a month and a half later the larger one will bully my little one. This mostly occurs when feeding when most of the food has been eaten the larger one chases the smalle one away. I have tried to add just a little more food to the tank. This works for the most part. Then every once in awhile after they have ate they will swim around to gether and the big one will chase the little one off and he goes away for awhile and comes back and the big one lets him come back and swim together. Also the big one swims to be getting big in the stomach area and the little one does the wiggle. Is it possible they are going to spawn. Some one please help.