What is wrong with my coral


Not sure if this photo will turn out good but my brain or whatever it is, slowly looks like its loosing color and appears to be hardening. I had installed T5's a few months ago and thought maybe it was bleaching so put it in a little more shade. Flow is probably medium around it and water parameters are all within good limits except Nitrate which is around 15-20.

Does this look normal or sick



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It looks like the skin is all receded/gone in the upper left and the skeleton below has algae on it. It is possible that it was being stung by something nearby.

What does your Caclium/Alkalinity/Magnesium test at?


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I use T5's myself and I've not had a problem with bleaching or ever really heard of T5's causing a coral to bleach out, but that means nothing, I'm sure someone else will post soon enough with some better info on that...Your trachyphyllia though does seem to have some die off on it...try moving it out of that shade you gave it and put it up higher in the tank closer to the lighting. Do you use anything like phytoplankton or phytomax at all?


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The coral skeleton is showing. This piece id dying, and wasteing away. Water quality plays a big part in this, and yes it also need lighting.


Calcium is 450 and Dkh is 8-9 usually dips to 7 occationally.

Should I move it up for a while on rocks.

Would the Nitrates be affecting?

I dont feed phyto, Have done so much reading and some say it will it from left over food and use the light it gets.