What Kind of Crab is This?

Itchy Trigger

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I've been seeing this guy (along with another similar crab) in my rocks lately, but finally got a good opportunity to snap a picture of him. Not the greatest pics, but it's all I could get before he scrambled back behind a rock. What type of crab is this?


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Itchy Trigger

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In pic it looks fuzzy/hairy. Could be a gorilla crab--NOT good...

It's not a gorilla crab, fortunately - the hairy stuff on its legs is algae. From googling pics, decorator crab looks like the one. I have a couple in the tank - one is more olive drab color, the other is purple with white and yellow speckling on him.


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Team RC
When I initially got one, I found it to be fascinating. But then it became irritating. And finally took it out. YMMV.