What kinda clown is this?


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They looked cool at the local reef shop so I had to pick em up :) What are they though?

Sorry for the crappy picture :(


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OMG!?!??!?! Are those Latz clowns?!?!?!

How much did you pay for them? $300/$400???

That image tells me that they are Wide-Banded Anemone fish, a.k.a. Amphiprion latezonatus or Latz Clownfish. They are quite rare and even more rarely imported.

The description should sound something like this:
> Dark brown to black in color
> Blue/grey mouth
> Some yellow fins and mouth on the juv. variation
> Back in the adults

They are VERY delicate shippers. Keep an eye on them. Fed brine and get them on to mysis and flake. The most nutritious food possible. If they are indeed Latz, they are VERY prone to sickness.

NICE catch (pun ;))
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What was I thinking???
Thanks MarinaP. Thats right :)

Sorry to dissapoint Dave but they were only $60 so I knew they werent Latz clowns.


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ive got one of the same guys is yours kinda skiddish

Skiddish isn't the word for mine.....absolute chicken is more like it! If I go by the tank, he will leave the LTA and hide in the rocks. Of course he is all by himself so maybe that is the reason.

Here is a thought that someone might be able to address (without highjacking the thread entirely) - I have a couple of pairs that have recently started acting skiddish (all in different tanks). Is it possible that fish food can have something to do with it? I switched over to that ORA clownfish food last month and it was about a week after the change over that I noticed some of them acting skiddish if there was movement anywhere near their tanks - including one pair I have had over 6 years and have never acted that way in the past. Thanks!!

(Sorry J.russell - didn't mean to go in a totally different direction on that one)


What was I thinking???
No need to be sorry. Whatever info you guys need feel free to ask in this thread because this is my first time having these so Ill learn right along with you guys.


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Sooner or later saddles get popeye. This condition usually resolves on its' own. Just FYI :)

BK, I would check SG with a pinpoint monitor, and keep it around 22-23 to see if the change makes any difference (you can go to 20, unless you have corals/nems in every tank). Stray electricity is another possibility. Some clowns react to bright colored human clothes - mine hate red spectrum :rolleyes: