What LPS Corals will eat a Live Fish?


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I have a lil Yasha Goby, and I don't want him to get eaten. I bought an Open Brain, and now I hear that might be a bad idea with the Goby in there. So, I'm trying to find out now which LPS corals have known to "catch" live fish. So far the only two on my list are:

Open Brains
Plate Corals - both the furry ones and the Heliofungia sp.

What else? Elegant Corals?


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Never had a problem with short-tentacle plate. I have maze brain, frog, hammer, fox, candycane, and a crocea clam, no problems with highfin gobies.


Reefing since '93
Ya the short tentacle plates seem to be fine, it's the "furry" ones, and the Heliofungia I hear.