What MH Bulb? Need reccomendation for 250w SPS setup with no actinics


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Help! Need a reccomendation for a 250w buln... it will be placed on a SPS setup, which we plan to run without actinics.

Currently use hamilton but growth is kinda slow... probably bacuase PAR is low. Any recommendations for good alternatives?


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Depends on what colors you like. I like the color of 10k bulbs, so when I switched from 10k XM 250w to 10k Reeflux 250w, it was perfect. They're still white, but accentuate a TON of blue in the corals. The old XMs were more purple/green/pink, everything but blue really :p


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It's a Hamilton magnetic ballast, and I have SE moguls. In the past I thought single-ended radiums looked fine if they were on a HQI ballast; else, they seemed somewhat over-blue.

I have Hamilton 14k now... the color is fine, but the growth seems kinda slow.


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radiums or aquaconnects. I have a single 250w 14k aquaconnect over my 60 cube and the growth is a lot faster than when i had the xm 20k on it. Even though i really liked the xm 20k.


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Folks, thanks for the suggestions!

I'm trying to run without actinic supplementation, yet have an ice-blue color. But, given that I have a standard Hamilton Magnetic ballast, I don't think Radiums will run very well.

Sounds like I should check out the Phoenix 14K, Reeflux 12K, and the AquaConnect 14K. Any additional comments on color and growth are appreciated! Also:

- Do any of these require an HQI or Pulse Start ballast?
- Seems like I've read somewhere that the Phoenix 14K is a copy of the AquaConnect bulb. Any truth to that comment?

Thanks again!


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If you want par, consider upgrading your reflectors. I'm not sure what you're running, but if you switch from the typical spyder reflector to a Lumenbright/Lumenmax, you can expect to double your par with the same bulb. Yes, I said double. Granted, it will cost you a pretty penny, but it might also open up some bulb options too.


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the aquaconnect is a great bulb to run alone, but it doesn't run well on a magnetic ballast. they look great on icecaps