What order should I stock my fish in?


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I just started a 90 gal and I'm about ready to purchase the first round of fish for the quarentine tank. The fish I want to keep are 2 Percula clowns, pixie hawkfish, lawnmower blenny, yellow watchman gobie, some type of wrasse, foxface rabbitfish, and a purple or atlantic blue tang. Any advice on the stocking order would be appreciated. Also, my quarentine tank is only a ten gallon how many fish can I keep in it at a time? Thank you for the advice.
Fred :strooper:


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I'd put the clowns and Tang in last (in that order). The order of the others don't really matter that much, IMO.


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I would suggest putting the blenny, gobie in first. Then the hawkfish, and clown in next, and the tangs last. I'm not sure about a foxface r. never had one, but would think it would go in just before or with the tangs.