What pump for 9.5' head?


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I've never dealt with a sump before or had to calculate head loss. I've played with the calculator on here a bit, and I think that will be a very helpful tool. I'm not very knowledgeable on the subject so I was wondering if someone could help me choose a pump. I want to make a simple/sump fuge out of a rubber maid tub in the basement, under the tank, where my RO/DI unit's going. I figure (with early estimates here) I need to pump water approx. 9.5' back up to the tank. I believe it will take 2 45s, one ball valve (I think) in the basement and 3 90s at the end with very little horizontal change. Would an internal or external pump work better? I don't know how much heat to expect from one but it might be beneficial as it's pretty cool in the basement obviously. Especially would help in the winter. What brand would you go with and what size?

And if I use an over-flow box with a 1" bulkhead rated for up to 700 gph, what size pipe should I use for the return line from the pump? Is it a good idea to put a shutoff valve or two on the overflow line? I'm open to all suggestions. thanks